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Another approach could be generating funds for charity. If the company or an employee of the company is supporting a good cause or charity program, they can list the project on the company’s employee welfare Crowdfunding platform and invite other employees to join and donate money for the great cause.


The unique concept to collaborate the volunteers for organization’s / employee’s registered work (CSR, Environment day celebration, food delivery, bagger helping etc.) campaign creator can demand the needs and the precise date and time to assemble volunteers. Volunteer can bring the equipment as per their interest also campaign creator demand the same.

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"What can I say? The product was delivered on time and as described. Support was excellent. Out of a 10 star rating, I’d give them a 10+."

Gregory A. Ward, Sr.

"We get the open source script solution and are really glad to work with it. The script could be easily adapted to our needs and Rocker’s team reacts quickly to all of our needs. Fundraising script is a good solution for everyone who would like to launch his own crowdfunding platform."

Romain Cochet

"I was a little skeptical with spending so much money on a software. After getting it, i love it! The customer service is great! Whatever adjustments you need done to your site, they will make it happen! I would definitely recommend this to whoever thinks about purchasing this! 100% worth the money!"

Joshua Paradoa

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